Parenting Pitfalls

The role of parents is a controversial one.  There are disciplinarians and then there are ones that permit a lot of slack in the raising of their offspring.  There exists plethora of parenting strategies that inevitably lead to the one place that we all hope for is a successful adulthood.  Unfortunately there are also parents that inhibit their children from succeeding in the real world; this is a tragedy that is all too common.  It is so sad to see a child possessed with the demons of their parents.  You see, we are all born innocent and peaceful but then become engrossed by all the emotion and character of our parents.  Around the world, there are unlucky children being brainwashed and force fed teachings that are immoral, racist, evil, and most importantly damaging for the existence of a pure soul.  Bad parents are multiplying and the only reason they hurt their children spiritually, emotionally and sometimes even physically are due to the fact that they lost in the game of life and are destined to extract all the goodness out of their children who are little angels in my book.  The reason I am writing only about foul parents and not the good ones is because it is imperative that we halt the trespassing that is taking place and the robbing of the youthful exuberance.

There are many ways for parents to damage a child’s brain.  Some trick the youth by giving them too much information, confusing the little ones and making them easy prey for villains in society to feast on.

Then there are those who don’t respect the sanctity of youth and make their children grow up too fast.  Some parents just plain don’t care what happens to their children in the long run as long as they know that they successfully instilled all of their prejudices and inadequacies into them, making the children turn into basically slaves that yearn for the wrong things in life.  We all should fight for children’s rights by letting them learn, work and play without being haunted by their parent’s insecurities.  Yes I know we all want to grow up and make our parent’s parent, but at what price.  To the reader I am trying to say that children our future and if we as adults want it to be bright then we should treat children the right things that in the end is more precious than the rarest gem.

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