Peyton Manning’s Elite Level of Play

The Super Bowl that recently took place was quite a spectacle.  The battle for the Lombardi trophy was between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

It was a heated contest that came down to an exciting finish where the quarterback of the Giants, Eli Manning, threw a perfect pass to his wide receiver, threading the needle between two defenders.  Eli talked about the pass he made that will leave people talking for a long time.

“It changes the whole thought process right there…It was big-time; there’s nothing else you can say. I didn’t have many options and I saw the safety cheat inside a little, and I decided to take a shot and try to fit it in there. And oh, what a catch.”

The game was not as high scoring as predicted by some football experts but it was still fun to watch.  The Giants came in as underdogs against the Patriots who have a Hall of Fame quarterback in Tom Brady.  During the regular season Eli Manning received a heavy dose of criticism for saying that he deserves to be called an elite quarterback and that he is in the same class as Brady.  There is no disputing that statement now after his performance in Indianapolis (where the game was played).

Eli lead a fourth quarter comeback that will be remembered as one of the best drives of all time.  He ended up being the most valuable player of the Super Bowl.

While Eli played with a minimal amount of mistakes, Brady on the other hand buckled under the pressure and through a costly interception that the Patriots would later pay for.  It is quite apparent judging by Peyton’s play at the championship game that he is a special breed of quarterback and there is no doubt that he belongs in the list of today’s clutch players.  Moreover, if he keeps up and doesn’t listen to critics, he is a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame.  His play at the Super Bowl satisfied New York’s fervent fans, which is a hard thing to do because New York City is a tough place to get some appreciation.

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