Pfizer Could Face a Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit for Recalled Contraceptive

The pharmaceutical giant’s contraceptive named Lo/Ovral-28 tablets were recalled in huge numbers from pharmacies and customers who might have already bought it. This has been the largest recall in recent times in the pharmaceutical industry which relies on quality to avoid losses usually occurring through customers suing the company for reasons like an unexpected side-effect and the like. In light of the vulnerability that pharmaceutical companies face in the event of poor output, Pfizer can be deemed to be at a huge risk of facing a multimillion dollar law suit by not one but many customers who bought the pill in order to avoid a possible pregnancy. In effect, Pfizer can be considered at a risk of being sued by several women who have accidentally got pregnant due to the ineffective contraceptives they took.

The company listed the lot numbers on its website to facilitate the recall from pharmacies and customers. Many believe that a result of ineffective pills which eventually leads to several pregnant women can be potentially bankrupt Pfizer as women who do not wish to abort the child might claim rearing costs including its expenses, education and a dozen other costs. Now what price tag they put on their child’s rearing and upbringing is a whole another question and will arise if any such against the company are made.

For its part, Pfizer has mostly maintained a stony silence on the whole issue and the only communication has been in the form of the original recall announcement on their website and distribution channels with an inevitable apology that is usually mentioned with such announcements. A spokesperson from Pfizer told a Fox news reporter that the company was looking into the matter indicating that the next step to counter any claim as mentioned above that may arise. Many attorneys are of the opinion that while the possibility is moderately low the event which has already been pretty financially damaging to the company can incur additional damage to the company’s image and reputation and can also put it out of business.

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