Politics in America and Obama’s Survival

In America, since the days of the implementation of the Constitution, politicians have been extrapolating from this complex matrix of a document the way government should regulate and best take care of United States citizens.  No matter what you call yourself (liberal vs. conservatives), your political representatives are striving for victories in the governing arena where their ideas and principles are being upheld by legislation.

Operating as a decision maker in politics is one heck of a responsibility. When one is in the thick of things and forced to govern, the quintessential politician is put into a hairy situation.  There is one side, or party, that has a certain agenda and then there is that side’s rival who has a completely different take on the decision to be made.  It is safe to say that whoever is the governing person placed in the middle of this sea-saw battle or tug of war is one unlucky man or woman.  No matter which way you lean to and represent and regardless of the amount of compromise you accomplish, there are always going to be those people that are infuriated because their opinions are not heralded to the fullest.

The democratic president, Barack Obama, knows all too well about being caught up in a firestorm full of complaints and insults being launched at him.  He definitely has acquired a lot of enemies but it seems as though he never loses his cool.  It is quite apparent that he has a very unique kind of ideologyconcerning medical care, global warming, middle-class prosperity and foreign policy.   He revolutionized the medical industry with universal coverage, extended the pay-roll tax (which puts money back into the pockets of working individuals) and ended the war in Iraq.  It goes without saying that no president is perfect but the change that he has brought is a formidable opponent against those republican opponents that are fighting with extraordinary vigor to make him a one-term president.  It should be interesting in the upcoming election whether or not Obama’s accomplishments can outweigh his failures in the eyes of the voting public.

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