Problems about Wi-Fi and other issues grips Microsoft surface users

The Microsoft surface tablet that was launched with much fanfare  during the month of June by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at a Los Angeles event at Milk Studios is now drawing flack with some users complaining about Wi-Fi connectivity issues that are preventing them from getting on to internet. The first complaints appeared within two days of Microsoft shipping the tablet on October 25. Some users had posted complaints on the Microsoft’s Surface support forum stating that the wireless option showed “limited” connection and rebooting the tablet had temporarily resolved the problem.

Some users even thought that the problem could be with their wireless router instead of the tablet, but the connectivity problems appeared to be consistent across different router brands. Other users complained that the problem was happening with their Surface tablet only and not with other wireless devices. Microsoft declined to comment immediately on the issue.

According to Zeus Kerravala – founder and principal at ZK Research, the problem may be due to software issue caused by buggy code or it may be due to a driver conflict. Kerravala opines that limited connectivity was a problem with older Windows laptops resulting from conflicting Wi-Fi drivers. Microsoft is now required to patch the Windows RT OS on the surface tablet.

Microsoft has recently issued software updates for Windows RT and firmware update for the Surface tablet. Microsoft said that the update provides performance improvements and did not mention any big fixes that it might address. On the other hand, Microsoft got embroiled into a legal controversy when a Californian lawyer named Andrew Sokolowski threatened to sue Microsoft Corporation, claiming that the Surface tablet he bought does not have all the storage space the company had advertised. He discovered that majority of storage portion of the 32 GB storage space is being used by the operating system and pre-installed apps such as Word and Excel. This resulted in getting just 16 GB space available for use. The lawyers of Sokolowski filed the suit alleging false advertising and unfair business practices on Tuesday at the Superior Court in Los Angeles for seeking class action status. There are also some complaints about the Surface Tablet’s Touch Cover splitting (peeling) at a seam near to where it magnetically connects Microsoft’s Surface slate.

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