Rare paintings and sketches of Caravaggio discovered

A discovery by two Italian historians lead to finding of rare paintings, unknown sketches of the Italian baroque painter and Renaissance master Caravaggio. This Italian painter’s realistic paintings have lead to the setting of new standards in the Western Art. There are only some ninety paintings of this master craftsman that are available up till now. Caravaggio died in the year-1610 in his late thirties after fighting a disruptive life.

This team of historians’ claimed to stumble upon on at least one hundred of previously undiscovered early sketches by Caravaggio hidden in a castle in Milan. The sketches of Caravaggio were found among 1,378 works in the archive of painter Simone Peterzano who employed the teenage Michelangelo Merisi alias Caravaggio as an apprentice in the Lombardy studio in 1584 to 1588 before Caravaggio headed south to Rome.

These works are believed to date back from Caravaggio’s time as a student in Milan but previously these works were attributed to the archive of painter Simone Peterzano. The sketches that forms the legacy of artist Caravaggio is a champion for the cause of the dramatic chiaroscuro technique of mixing light and shade and whose popularity that has soared in over the past one hundred years will be published on Friday in an eBook to be sold on Amazon.

The total value of Caravaggio’s art work as estimated by art historians is about 700 million euro or $870 million. However, there is skepticism among some of the art historians about the author’s (Italian historians) claims after seeing the pictures of the sketches being attributed to Caravaggio and they cautioned that the research is yet in nascent stages.

No paintings of the Caravaggio dating back to his early years had previously been thought to have survived. Out of100 sketches that are attributed to this artist, 83 of them feature faces or parts of the body which he again repeated or recapitulated in his later paintings. Caravaggio who is considered as a greatest Italian painter during his life time led a chaotic life that involved in violence and he landed in a prison when he killed a man in a fight in Rome. The death of Caravaggio still remains a mystery after he had received pardon against death warrant issued by the Pope at that time.

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