Real story behind China’s Olympic sporting glory

China’s dominance in the London Olympics with their massive medal haul has once again showcased the country’s ability to produce sports champions by applying the sporting techniques of Soviet styled sports regime. But behind the sporting glory there are some concerns being raised about the human costs. News emerged about how the parents of Olympic diver Wu Minxia had hidden her mother’s long battle with breast cancer for fear of disturbing her training.

The intention of Chinese sports fraternity is to win every single medal at any costs. There are stories emerging in China in recent weeks about young rising athletes who undergo near torturous conditions at many of the Chinese sports schools.

Winning the Olympic medals is the sole obsession in China at the cost of sacrificing the basic family emotions. It is a fact that majority of China’s 396 Olympians had started their sports at a tender age having sacrificed their childhood for the state and drawing emotional support from team mates, sports coaches and officials in exchange of familial and friendly support. China’s current haul of medals in the Olympics is a result of atrocious training regimes that youngsters are forced to follow back home.

Some of these youngsters are subjected to grueling daily training and strict diets and some are even subjected to doping with hormone injections. A few Chinese coaches are accused of physical and mental abuse towards their athletes.

The Chinese government spends huge amounts for funding various sports facilities and establishments. The Chinese government cares less about sports leagues but they keep their focus mainly on winning medals in Olympics by their sports men and women. The Chinese sports officials search for children with athletic potential all over the countryside and if they find that the child has such potential, they lure the parents of the child to send him or her to the nearest sports academy with some monetary incentives.

The other aspect that drives the Chinese to perform superbly is the rewards that come along with the medals. Medals in China are very important and that too having a gold medal reinforces a symbol of patriotism along with huge cash rewards that attracts people with lower educational background to plunge into these sporting factories.

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