Revelries Post Football Turn Ugly after 74 Die: People Turn Against the Army

As many as 74 people died in clashes that ensued between rival teams after a football match in Cairo. The fighting frenzy took an ugly turn and did not stop until the toll of dead persons rose to 74 and that is when the security forces managed to intervene and disperse the rival mobs. While more than 70 people have been reported to have died in this clash which is being considered as the largest and most frightening soccer disaster has ever faced, 1000s of people were injured mainly as a result of the panicking crowed that crushed each other in a frenzy that ensued after the clashes turned dangerous. While Northern Africa has seen a lot of post match frenzies and unruly fans and revelers, this event shocked the entire nation. Statements from all political corners of the country started pouring in about the disgrace and damage the reveling fans have brought, anger started brewing amongst the families who’d lost their loved ones.

Adding to the current political uncertainty and carelessness that has been a product of the military rule in Egypt, the current callousness, as the mourning citizens call it, on the part of the army and security forces, Egyptians have yet again calling for faster amendments in the attitude of the current authorities instated by the army. The most recent civilian agitation against the army took place as a result of the anger that reached its climax after the death of 74 people. While there have been experiences of thugs and anti-social elements within the ranks of the civilian agitators, the silence of the security forces is being considered as an evidence of their implicit involvement in breaking the revolution against the army. The protesters chanting slogans against the military rule were backed by the MPs who stood against the government stood ground and demanded an emergency meeting to understand the inertness being exhibited by the authorities. Many are still of the opinion that there may be remnants of the Mubarak regime in certain quarters of the political and defense strata of the country.


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