Senate Candidates for Massachusetts Sign a Historic Agreement on Third Party Advertising

Prime candidates for this year’s Massachusetts senate election, Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat and Scott Brown, the Republican have decided to ban third party advertisements during their campaign. By doing so, they have created history with a first-of-its-kind agreement. The agreement states that if a third party advertisement is aired in favour of either of them, half the cost of advertisement will be donated to a charity. Last week, Warren sent a proposal to Brown which he agreed to sign. The agreement follows the proxy wars that have been on the air for some time now. Both parties involved have reached a compromise after their representatives shared dialogue.

Both the candidates think this a good way to keep the third party from spreading misleading information and they feel this way people get to make a choice based on the candidates and not just the advertisements.

Warren, who worked with the Obama administration on Consumer Financial Protection Agency, wants to base her campaign on her ideas and her values. Warren feels a good candidate should be able to draw distinctions and earn their vote rather than buying votes.

To successfully kick start this agreement, the candidates will draft and send letters to television stations and third parties asking them not to advertise in their favor.  Though neither of the parties have the authority to ban third parties from advertising, they have simply made it clear that their ads are unwelcome.

Since the announcements about the agreement, people have speculated that this is going be a very expensive race. Even without the third party advertisements this is going to be an eventful race as both the parties have managed to raise a considerable amount for their campaign. Questions like, will the third parties who advertise will actually listen? have come up.

The candidates are hoping to set an example for the rest of the country. Meanwhile, in a statement, American Crossroads President, Steven Law had pointed out that there are some major loopholes in the agreement that Warren has drafted. Since this is the first of its kind agreement, the practicality of the arrangement and the impact it will have on the election is yet to be seen.

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