Sherriff Andy Griffith no more!

Better known as Sherriff ‘Andy Taylor’ of the famous sitcom ‘The Andy Griffith show’, this famous actor and television producer passed away on the morning of July 3 2012 in Roanoke Island, N.C. His career began when he started acting and portraying various roles in plays and films from the year 1945 onwards. He came into the limelight when he started playing the role of Sherriff Andy Taylor in the famous sitcom The Andy Griffith show which spanned from 1960-68 and was widely appreciated by majority of people in America.

Although Andy’s career stretched from nightclubs, radio and movies the role of the small-town sheriff helped him gain a lot of fame and prominence on American television. This show portrayed him as a sheriff of a small town who solved small problems of life that would come up in that town. This show was critically acclaimed and was ranked among top four to five sitcoms ever showed on television. Andy from his childhood days was into music and wanted to pursue a career in music but also had good acting skills which made him the man we know him. His graduation in music from the University of North Carolina indicates his love and interest for music.

The year 1949 saw him starting to work a lot and thereon he worked in many sitcoms and films portraying various roles which were widely appreciated and he was also nominated for the Tony award for outstanding supporting actor. He made his film debut in the year 1957 with the film ‘A face in the crowd’. He was again nominated for the Tony award this time for the best actor in the musical. He started his own production company in the year 1972 and started the Sherriff show once again and this time named it as ‘The New Andy Griffith Show’, it lasted for one year. Andy Griffith was great man and he had great faith in Christianity, this was shown as he never feared death and was always ready to submit his soul to its maker. He will surely be missed by Americans and the world who still think about the Sherriff of that sitcom whenever they hear his name.

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