Sir Paul McCartney gets his Hollywood Star. Finally!

Perhaps the most successful of all the Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney finally got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is the last member of the group to be granted this honor as John Lennon and George Harrison got their stars posthumously in 1980 and 2001 respectively, while Ringo Starr got his star in 2010. This is the 2460th star on the Hollywood walk of fame, and there was a huge crowd of fans present at the ceremony. Neil Young who was there, paid tribute to the iconic rock star and said he was still “on top of his game”.

The Beatles as a group were given a star in 1998 and Sir Paul McCartney thanked them for their contribution in his success during the unveiling of his star on the 10th of February, when he made sure to remember his band mates from the Beatles.

Sir Paul McCartney has had an extremely successful career after the Beatles as well, he formed the band Wings with his first wife Linda Eastman, and Denny Laine. Over the span of his many years in the industry he has composed music for films, classical and electronic music, released a large catalogue of songs as a solo artist.

The Beatles were a hugely successful band, with the writing duo of John Lennon and Paul McCartney writing some of the most influential songs in the history of rock music. An impressive list of modern rock stars have been influenced by their music and lyrics. His song “Yesterday” has been covered by approximately over 2200 artists which is more than any other song in the history of recorded music. His songs have spend 93 weeks as No1 in the U.K. charts with over 24 number one hit singles to his credit. In the U.S. he has 31 number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 with over 15.5 million albums sold in the US alone. His latest album ‘Kisses from the Bottom” is a compilation of songs that are tributes to his favorite performers.

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