Six Signs You’re a Terrible Driver

Each of us has that friend or family member who should have never been given their driver’s permit. Their habits on the road have engrained fear deep within the hearts of countless brave people who were able to muster the courage, or ignorance, that enabled them to ride in the passenger seat. If you do not know what I am talking about, then there is a chance that this driver may be you. The following are six signs you are a terrible driver.

Excessive Horns

The occasional honk while on the road from other drivers is expected. However, if it becomes a symphony every time you hit the road, then maybe you are doing something wrong. If you don’t know if people are honking at you because your radio is playing too loud, then you’re definitely doing it wrong.

Lack of Blinkers

This tends to be everyone’s pet peeve. If you do not use your directional while driving, then you are a terrible driver, and probably shouldn’t be on the road. This is a simple action that improves imperative communication amongst other drivers. If each person used their blinkers, countless accidents could be avoided each year.


Tailgating is similar to horn honking. At some point it’s going to happen to you. It occurs when the driver behind you is following your car too closely. They either are not paying attention, or want you to go faster. If it happens occasionally, then you can just brush it off as you running into a jerk. However, if it happens almost every time you hit the road, then it’s probably because you drive too slowly. Driving too slow is dangerous because it promotes a good atmosphere for road-rage, and can put those going the speed limit at risk when they catch up to you. If you’re getting constantly tailgated, just pick up the pace a little.

Abnormal Break Lights

This is the opposite of the previously mentioned tailgating. If the car in front of you keeps flashing their break lights at you, and you don’t know why, then it’s a possibility that you are following them too closely. If they are going a reasonable speed, then back off, and give them some space.

Passenger’ Reactions

The best way to gauge your driving skills is the reactions of your passengers. If they are grabbing to the support handle for dear life, buckling up after you take a sharp turn, or even vocalizing their disproval for your driving, then chances are you are a terrible driver. They are not attacking you as a person, but are rather offering constructive criticism on your driving skills. Do not ignore these important signals from those who want the best for you.

Tickets Piling Up

Police officers do not have to meet a specific quota for traffic violations per month. That is a myth that circulates amongst people with poor driving habits. If you need to set aside a certain amount each month to cover tickets, then you are doing something wrong.

All too often we see people making a joke of poor driving habits. They can be funny at times, but those who have crummy driving habits are putting others at risk. They are risking the health and safety of other drivers on the road, and their loved ones in the passenger seat. If you’ve read this, and believe that you are a terrible driver, then now might be the time to call the North Shore Driving School Ltd. This school offers some of the top rated driver training in Vancouver and can help you improve your negative driving habits.

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