Social Media Sensations

Lady Gaga with 17 Million followers on Twitter is the most sought after celebrity on the website. However, that does not automatically make her the most powerful social-networking star. The top spot in the social media power game is owned by Justin Bieber, the number in his favor is that he tweets almost 10 times more than Gaga, is-spite of having 1.6 Million followers less.

Anybody can start a Twitter account and have people follow, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are making best use of that medium. A classic example is that of Julia Roberts, who has more 2.6 Million followers, but hasn’t tweeted even once. A forum like Twitter is a fantastic place to connect with fans and bond with them. These people make up the market, they are the ones who go out and buy music, watch movies and TV shows.

When people make power lists of social media or try to measure every celebrity’s so called social ‘clout’, the common error made is to go blindly by the number of followers. For example, if people want to calculate social-networking power, they just add the number of Twitter and Facebook followers. So to make a comprehensive and more meaningful list, let’s add the number of tweets and updates on their profiles.

It is no wonder that Beiber tops the list and no co-incidence that he is the youngest of the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. He represents the new age of networking. He first made his mark with his YouTube videos; he then moved onto newer avenues like Twitter to promote his fragrance, music and sometimes posts pictures of himself. That has lead to him raking up a fortune of $53 Million. Lady Gaga comes in third on the list; she uniquely refers to her followers as little monsters and creates a huge sense of hype before each of her album releases, so much so when her recent album, Born This Way released on Amazon, the fans went in to a dizzy and crashed the website’s servers.

Khloe Kardashian fits in between these two superstars in 2nd place, she constantly keeps her fans engaged, tweeting more than 24,000 times. Khloe’s sister Kim comes in 6th on the list, she does not tweet as frequently as her sister. Pop sensation Rihanna ranks fourth with 48 Million followers on Facebook, the other notable star on the list is rapper Eminem in 9th place with 50 Million Facebook fans.

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