Solo Travel: Adventures on the Worlds Highest Railway

Travelling solo is probably one of the most daring things that one can attempt in their life. Essentially, travelling solo is touring of an alien and far-off land, the cultures, traditions and language of which you are not fully or comprehensively aware of. When a person travels alone without any companions from the beginning of his/her journey, the task of controlling oneself through bouts of bewilderment and alienation in an unknown country can be daunting. Nevertheless, the trend in travelling magazines and travelogues seems to be supporting the notion that solo travel is indeed the route to self discovery and  an adventure that beings you close to understand what you are made of.

Characterized by friendships and companions that you find along the way, solo travel is a rising trend amongst young travelers who aren’t bound by prejudices or nervousness anymore. An attempt that almost always inspires someone else in a young group of travelling enthusiasts, solo travel is the new form of entering into oneself by entering into the unknown. Among some of the most sought after destinations are those which vary from each other in terms of difficulty and issues of connectivity with the rest of the world which is almost always a common feature. Take for example, the mystical ruins of Machu Pichu or the Sand plains or Salar de Uyuni of Bolivia. In Europe, you find the German Zugspitze popular for solo hiking while in Asia, the Himalayan Mountains and the North Eastern frontier is popular during the peak tourist season.

Among these is the joy or rather the must-have-in-a-lifetime-adventure of travelling on the world’s highest train that connects the Tibetan capital Lhasa and Xining which is the capital of the Qinghai province of China. Travelling through the most mystically and probably the most untouched part of earth, the train takes you into a dreamy adventure and lets your eyes feast on a visual treat that will stay with you till you die. Although not recommended for people who might suffer from altitude sickness due to blood pressure or heart ailments, the train offers almost all comforting facilities in any case you might feel unwell. For a home-like caretaking from the stewards and stewardesses on-board and an adventure like no other, Tibet tourism on rail beckons you.

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