Some dinosaurs doomed before extinction, study says

Dinosaurs are creatures that dominated the world for a very long period of time. They survived over three time periods from the time of the Triassic period passing through the Jurassic period and then terminating in the cretaceous period approximately 65 million years ago. Their species were at the peak of evolution in the cretaceous period (145 million-65million years) and they were evolving even more just before their extinction. But the first doubt or question that arises from these facts is that how can a species which survived through all odds for about 150 million years could end in such a short span of time. Many scientists have propounded several theories about the sudden extinction of dinosaurs but no one has been able to be accurate enough to point out one of them as authentic or reliable and there is still a hint of doubt and confusion in their minds.

One more theory has been put forward by some scientists and it brings to light more intricate details about the dinosaur’s lives and their living patterns whichinclude the biodiversity of each species of dinosaurs. Biodiversity is the variations found in a particular species or animal group. The most required thing for an animal or a group of animals for survival is the ability to adapt to the surroundings and being able to survive through competition. An animal group is said to be successful in surviving when its biodiversity increases. Keeping this in mind we now look at how the dinosaurs were faring in their quest to survive. Some of the dinosaurs groups were doing well as their biodiversity were increasing gradually and biodiversity of some of them was stable. But it has been noted that the variability of some had dipped down to levels where they were ought to be considered endangered. And with the decreasing variability and biodiversity of their species these endangered dinosaurs would have anyhow become extinct over a period of time depending on various other factors like competition from other species, if they were herbivores continuous hunting from other carnivores would also lead them to extinction and many other reasons. With this explanation we might come to a conclusion that this might also be one of the reasons of dinosaur extinction. Because even before their extinction was in sight some species of dinosaurs were already headed for might as well be possible that some species and dinosaur groups might have become extinct even before the asteroid strike.

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