Sony PlayStation Vita is a Game Changer

In the age of Tablets and Mobile gaming, the handheld gaming console is quite a niche market, but if you’re talking of Sony, then it’s a market that they own. Their latest offering is the PlayStation Vita that boasts of a power packed processor and a sleek 5 inch display backed by the usually brilliant graphics that we have come to except of Sony. The product is sold at a premium price and most have tagged it over-priced for what it offers, but it’s far from the truth. It’s a little dynamo that is worth every cent you pay for.


Touch Screen, accelerometer, dual camera, a browser and support for various web apps, support for movies, music and more. Every bit of the 5 inch OLED screen is resplendent, the music sounds good and videos play without any lag or pixelation. The quality of the camera is a bit of a dampener, but it’s something that you can overlook considering it’s a portable gaming console.

The feature that tilts the scales in favor of the Vita is its buttons. The layout is extremely well designed and spacing is about near perfect. The design includes a Dpad, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons and the regular start, select and home buttons. The best is yet to come, the two analog sticks for both the thumbs is the trump card that gives you the complete gaming experience.

There are two models; the cheaper of the two comes with only Wi-Fi where as the other model is 3G capable, leaving it to the user to make the choice based one’s own connectivity preferences. The stable of games that Sony boasts of is pretty comprehensive. The biggest drawback of the product is something that is outside of it, memory cards. Sony has its own version of memory cards and regular SD cards are not compatible. Sony’s memory cards are quite expensive, if you’re even willing to take that in your stride then have no doubts about this truly amazing piece of work.

In the tablet age, breaking the bank for a premium gaming console might not be seem sensible, but a gamer’s loyalties will always lie with the buttons and analog sticks that no pad can give you.

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