Sport’s Significance

Many parents urge their children to participate in sports at a young age.  It builds character and teaches valuable lessons that can’t be taught in the classroom.  For today’s youth it is advantageous to have them learn about teamwork, drive and motivation.  I bet if you pick a random person out of the street and ask them what did they do when they were little, they probably would respond with something like, “I remember those days with my mom taking me up to soccer practice.”  It’s no surprise then that when we grow up we fall in love with professional sports.  We recall those younger days and then when we see grown men and women doing that exact same thing, we fall in love with the sport all over again and begin the process of becoming a fan.

Where a sport’s team is from is a big deal.  People from various countries and citiesare fervent about supporting their teams and do so with a great deal of zeal.  They are glad that their area of residence is being represented for the whole globe to see.  Sports bring these onlookers together and provide the chance for the people to unite under the same roof and cheer for victories over the opposition.  With so much going on the world from wars to national disasters, it is important to note that sporting events provide respite from the madness and allows the masses to take a break and cheer for goals, baskets, touchdowns etc.

It’s clear to see that there is a reason why crowds of enthusiasts have been flocking to sporting events, raving about their teams.   The answer is a human emotion known as pride.  We love the fact that our city or country is in on center stage bringing light to our respective culture, history and overall heritage.  Sports spur economies, provide diplomacy and spark the minds of children.  Take for instance the World Cup.  People across the whole world stop what they are doing and their eyes are glued to the screen wondering what is going to happen and whose team is going to come out on top.

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