Stepping into space

The most recent update in man’s quest of reaching out for space is the landing of ‘Dragon’ in the Pacific Ocean from where it is to be recovered shortly. Now most of us have absolutely no knowledge about ‘Dragon’. Dragon is a reusable spacecraft manufactured by a private space transportation company known as SpaceX based in Hawthorne, California. This spacecraft has made history by becoming the world’s first vehicle to have successfully attached to the international space station and this will in the long-term open up new avenues for SpaceX as well as encourage other companies and manufacturers to come up to compete in building such spacecraft’s. There are a lot of companies who are trying to build spacecraft which will facilitate man in transporting cargo into space.These vehicles based on their purpose are being called space taxis.

There’s a kind of race going on between commercial space companies to make a mark in the eyes of NASA by building spacecrafts which will help in transporting astronauts and cargo to the international space station. All these commercial space companies are trying to fill in the spot left void by Space shuttle which retired from service last year. NASA has signed a contract with Orbital Sciences Corporation to manufacture eight unmanned spacecrafts for the same purpose of transportation of astronauts and cargo to the space stations. They are planning a test flight of these spacecrafts in coming months of November or December. And on the other hand the latest success of SpaceX’s Dragon has uplifted their spirits to upgrade the same reusable spacecraft to accommodate seven passengers. They expect this manned aircraft to become operational within two to three years. And with the financial assistance being provided by NASA other companies like Blue Origin, Sierra Nevada and Boeing are also attempting to manufacture such manned spacecrafts. Apart from all this SpaceX is also building a spacecraft by the name Falcon heavy or earlier known as Falcon 9 heavy which is capable of lifting 53000 kilograms of payloads into the orbit. With the present scene in mind we can look out for more companies to come up with new designs and technology and contribute to space travel.

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