Strange death in courtroom

It turned out to be a very strange day in the courtroom of Arizona when Mr. Michael Marin was being convicted for arson of his Biltmore home. It became even uglier when he was pronounced guilty by the judge and he was seen swallowing pills which are suspected to be the reason of his mysterious death later on. It was later reported by his son that he had received an e-mail from his father saying that if things don’t turn out the way he (Michael Marin) expected to, in the courtroom, his wills have been prepared and his car could be found at a Mesa location.

It really amazes us that a man so dynamic likes Mr. Michael Marin; a Yale Law School Graduate could commit suicide in the courtroom. It was being suspected that he had set the fire himself in his Biltmore home. But one thinks as to what would have happened that he was compelled to commit suicide. The case goes back to 2008 when he had bought this palatial Biltmore estate, Arizona, when the real estate was collapsing drastically. He had bought this house on an interest only mortgage payment which bound him to pay 17,250 $ per month. This might be the reason that he might have committed suicide as he wasn’t able to make up money for payment on time. He had left Wall Street and hadn’t worked for a long time to be able to pay the monthly amount of his mortgage and this is when he thought of this ploy of burning down his home in the Biltmore estates. This would also help him in disposing the house and also raise a million dollars for himself which would later be called charity.

He had set up a bogus second mortgage for the house and in the process raise the value of the house by 950 million $ and some of his friends were also involved in this scam. He had also scaled the Mount Everest to publicize this raffle. This raffle committed by Mr. Marin was actually a ploy to raise the value of the house by paying a second mortgage which didn’t at all exist. And later in April 2009, when the Arizona Attorney General ruled this raffle as illegitimate, he fell into deep trouble as he had to pay huge amounts to his lenders. This turn of events lead to his financial destruction which also later resulted in his death some days ago. The investigators also found Sodium Cyanide container in his car and suspect that this substance led to his death. He had planned to commit suicide and was actually prepared.

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