Stripping Of Honorary Titles and Positions: The New Controversial Drama in UK and India

If receiving an honorary title like a Knighthood or a coveted position in the country’s leading organization is a dream in itself then losing these titles and the privileges that come with them would therefore be a nightmare. In a recent and highly controversial move, the former chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland Fred Goodwin has been stripped of his Knighthood by the Queen upon counsel from the forfeiture committee. Fred Goodwin was honored with Knighthood during the tenure of the Labor government in the UK in 2004 for his services to banking in the country. However, with the economic crisis and the mismanagement of the bank under Fred Goodwin’s leadership lead to a debacle in the country’s financial history which has failed to regain its erstwhile robustness even after four years of the crisis.

The decision was welcomed by a majority who deemed it fit that the honor that was bestowed for his services be stripped when the recipient couldn’t continue to do so and instead cause harm to the institution that had availed him the opportunity of the Knighthood. Fred Goodwin has been blamed of being reckless and for playing with people’s hard-earned money in a financial system that allowed him to do so and get away without being criminally indicted. While the crisis is long over, people’s financial situation is far from getting any better and people like Fred Goodwin and the system that promotes such mismanagement are largely the reasons to blame.

While this has been the situation in UK, a commonwealth of the UK, India has been having controversies of its own. A leading scientist of the country and former Indian Space Research Organization chief G. Madhavan Nair along with four other leading scientists were stripped of their honor by the Government of India after they were blacklisted from any government jobs. While the ban on the scientist would not have impacted any of their or their children’s future prospects, the honor was lost and their disappointment was evident as reported by the Indian media.

As long as there are honors to be bestowed and rights of committees and governments to strip them off, controversies like this will grace the media from time to time.

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