Study Reports Working Mothers Are Healthier

A new study in the field of childcare and motherhood apparently has been reported to suggest that mothers, especially of young children are more likely to be socially well connected and hence less depressed as compared to those who take care of their young children. This study especially has highlighted those mothers who are nurturing their young ones as more adversely affected that those who have grown up children capable of taking care of themselves without needing constant parental attention.

Now, like every other scientific research, this study too is subject to independent analysis and in most cases when any independent scrutiny of the aforementioned study is performed by those whose minds are not fundamentally inflexible, and then the statements like ludicrous and non-factual would be an inevitable expectation when describing the study of the above kind. The reason is simply because it goes against the accepted and verified biological evidences and natural facts about a new mother’s temperament and instinct to take care of her offspring after birth until a certain age and also against a lot of cultural consistencies that are imperative in different regions of the world and not satisfy the judgment the study incidentally has come up with.

While there are proponents who oppose the study on the basis of its incredulousness and also due to the conjectures it arrives at instead of comprehensive facts, there are others who mightn’t think on the same lines and accept the study as valid saying that mothers who take care of their young in isolation of their social circles are indeed lonely and depressed. Although there is no mention of the various other factors like post-natal stress in their supporting statements, the main culprit is made out to be the act of nurturing the young ones in isolation. Whereas the truth is that there are wide sources of social interaction circling around the children and new born themselves where new mothers come in contact at routine checkups at hospitals and also at play-centers.  While this is no way intended to be disparaging of those women who get back to work immediately after giving birth, the importance to realize and accept studies critically and in light of true and naturally accepted facts is paramount, as doing otherwise can lead to irreversible side-effects. In case of this study, the side-effects would be ill nourishment of children under care of nanny’s in their tender years itself.

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