Olympics Now Online

2012 London Olympics games onlineNow fans will be able to watch the 2012 London Olympics games online this summer, as for the first time in its history the Olympics will be aired live online. Fans will be able to watch their favorite player defending their title on a Thursday afternoon in the United States and it will be very different from the tape delayed, prime-time package that will still be aired a few hours later.

The executives at NBC have come up with a plan to shift from their traditional philosophy in order to make every event available as it happens and build interest in the viewers for the Olympics as well as retain the viewership of their nightly broadcasts.”You’ll be able to live the moment,” said Rick Cordella, the vice president and general manager for NBC Sports Digital. The move is aimed at attracting fans to re-watch the competition in a more sophisticated presentation on the network that evening, meaning the internet streaming will be minimalistic. The internet coverage will be using the world feed instead of the NBC camera angles so it will be high-quality but less specialized.  The viewers in many smaller countries use this feed on their local networks. The graphics will also be basic and for some popular sports the announcers will be form the Olympics Broadcasting Services. Cordella said he had no information as to which commentators would call for high-profile events like track, swimming and gymnastics for the Olympics Broadcasting Services.  A drawback of this feature is that if Bolt wins another world record then fans will have to wait till prime-time to see the post-race interview.


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