Jennifer Lopez gives hint of bidding adieu as American Idol Judge

The popular “American Idol” show may go another round with Jennifer Lopez. She announced that after two seasons of sitting next to Randy Jackson and Steve Taylor, she is ready to bid farewell to the show. In her interview with Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s “Today” on Thursday morning, the 42-year-old entertainer put her views that she is thinking that it is time to say goodbye to the show as she has other assignments to do. Lopez was there to promote her latest movie Age3: Continental Drift – The Squeakquel: Ghost Protocol and when Guthrie asked if she would be back for Season 12, Lopez replied in the aforesaid manner.

Jennifer Lopez further added that she has signed on the “American Idol” for one year period but ended up doing the show for about two years and for now she is in a dilemma to continue or remain in this show or not. She loves the show so much and had enjoyed doing the show. The whole process of the show has fascinated her and it is quiet a touch decision to leave the show and it is a heart breaking decision if she has to go. Lopez did not give the exact reason about why she most likely would not return.

However, Lopez just hinted that she wanted to get back to other aspects of her life whether it is family, career or for her boyfriend Casper Smart.  However, it is not the first time that Jennifer Lopez made her desire to leave “American Idol” publicly in a show. Last year also in an interview with the BBC’s Radio 1 she was in two minds about returning to Season 11 only to get back to the show after signing a contract that may be worth $20 million with Fox Broadcasting Network according to some informed sources.

Preliminary TV ratings show ‘Idol’ dropping while ‘Whitney’ and ‘Chelsea’ Rise

American Idol saw a night of dwindling numbers. It recorded only a 5.9 among adults aged between 18-49 on Wednesday night. The numbers did pick up during the second half of the show. But it could not even match its previous week’s ratings which were 6.5 among the same age group. The difference is almost 9%. The same week last year, the ratings were as high as 9.0.

When American Idol saw a drop in its points, Mobbed came to the rescue. Fox maintained a 4.4 for the night. Mobbed airing after Idol had a good chance to boost up its viewership. It almost doubled its ratings since the first time it was broadcasted.

Master of American Television turns 11

American Idol is all set to return for season 11 with no major changes. A seemingly undisputed decision, as it has held its #1 spot on American television for seven consecutive seasons. An impressive feat considering it’s not anymore the ‘one-of-a-kind’ show that it was. It has younger and much bolder shows like ‘The Voice’ and ‘The X-Factor’ to compete with. Yet, American Idol has nothing to worry about. The unique aspects that have let it keep its viewership would continue to be a part of the show. Singer and actor Jennifer Lopez and Pop Icon Steven Tyler will return as judges for the 11th season. Last season, loyal fans and viewers complained that the judges were ‘too nice’ to the contestants. In their defence, the judges are working on finding the right balance between being a judge and respecting the contestants. The only original judge Randy Jackson, returning for this season might know how to get it right. Music producer and entrepreneur Jimmy Lovine will return as the in-house mentor for the contestants.


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