Songify on Android

Song and music have been a part of the human ethos forever. Moms and Dads make up songs for their kids, music is all around us. Songify a hugely popular iOS application takes your song making powers a step further by setting your spoken words to music and making a song out of them. This app that has created over 120million songs, and been downloaded 9million times is now available on the Google Android smart phone platform being launched on Google Play.

Smule, the people behind other fantastically popular apps such as Magic Piano and Glee Karaoke, have bought Khush the people behind Songify who have used sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to turn speech into music. They have worked in collaboration with the Gregory Brothers, who are the brains behind songs such as Bed Intruder, Can’t Hug Every Cat, and Double Rainbow which are huge hits on YouTube. Sonify has been lauded by the media with favorable reviews in publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian and The Washington Post. There has been much speculation about its arrival on the Android platform for quite some time.

StumbleUpon passes the 25 million user mark

StumbleUponLast week StumbleUpon stumbled upon its 25millionth user. This is phenomenal growth rate considering that there were only 20 million users in last October. This means that the discovery engine has been drawing about one million registered users every month.

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that recommends websites and web content for its users. It allows users to personalize the content they would like to be recommended.  It was started in 2001 by Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance and Eric Boyd. In 2006 it received funding and in 2007 was sold to eBay for $75 million. But in 2009, the original creators bought it back.

When it was bought back from eBay, it has about 5.5 million users. Visibly, there has been a phenomenal increase in registered users.

Marc Leibowitz, VP of Business Development and Marketing said “For all intents and purposes this is a new company since the spin out from eBay. Virtually all of the 120 employees we have today have joined since then [when there were about 30 employees]”.

Android Marketplace is now Google Play

Ever since its inception, Google’s Android marketplace has been a huge hit in the mobile world. Over the years the collection of apps, music and videos has grown to unimaginable levels. Google feels that through the name of Android Marketplace it is losing out on precious brand value, due to which they have renamed it as Google Play. They felt the older name was restrictive and did not present a picture of what the company wanted to offer. Beginning from the 7th of March all of Google’s digital media services will roll under the name of Google Play.

This move is not a knee-jerk reaction but one that’s been in the making for a while now. Google has been contemplating a move to convert the marketplace into streamlined hub for digital media. To rent movies or buy music or e-books there is no need for an Android device as the name Android Marketplace suggests, because of which many users have ignored the service before.

Apple and Samsung’s new patent battle over ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’

Ice Cream Sandwich is the new version of Android from Google that Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphones’ use. In a patent battle Apple has taken Samsung to the Federal Court in California. Apple has alleged four patent violations which includes voice command search, searching multiple sources to find information, identifying phone numbers from E-mails and slide to unlock phone features. They have requested a temporary ban on the selling of Galaxy Nexus smartphones.

Galaxy Nexus is the only phone in the market that runs on the newest Android version. But soon, there will be many hardware manufacturers who will adopt it, like HTC corp and Motorola Mobility. Both companies are involved in a separate patent battle with Apple.

Google Chrome now for Android

Google has introduced its desktop web browser Chrome for its Android handhelds allowing an easy movement between your desktop and your smartphone or tablet. This is a beta version of Chrome and will focus on speed and simplicity. This brings all of Chrome’s fabulous features to your handheld making it super convenient to use on the move.

Users can transfer seamlessly from their desktop to their smart phone or tabloids with easy sign-in and sync, so that any personalization of your browser is accessible wherever you go. This means that your web browsing experience will now be personalized across all your devices as long as you sign-in to your account.

This personalization and uniformity of experience weather on the desk top or the handheld also works on tabs. When you open a tab on your handheld version of Chrome it will automatically also be found on your desktop version just as long as you make sure to sign in. Any bookmarks or favorites saved on one device will also similarly transfer to the other.


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