Nokia set to rival other smartphones with Windows software and its characteristic affordability

Nokia has been a reputed name in the phone market and is one that held sway over half of the world market until Apple’s Iphone and Blackberry phone took away its thunder. Nokia has been monumentally behind in capturing the smartphone market but has recently entered this market space through their Lumia series. The Lumia series until now are receiving good reviews but because of the dominant smartphones market that Nokia has missed in a large way is still making success elude Nokia and its erstwhile legacy. While Nokia had marketed its E and N series phones as smartphones many believed that these weren’t as smart as others out there. Nokia’s limited flexibility software was to blame and it almost had miss the bus had it not have launched its Lumia series.

Apple Backtracks over Mounting Privacy Concerns

Increasing pressure from regulators has forced Apple to re-think their privacy options concerning user’s personal contacts. Until now, many apps running on the iOS platform were free to download a user’s personal contact information like phone numbers and e-mail addresses without proper consent. The matter came into light after recent revelations of Social Network “Path” downloading user’s address books and keeping them on their servers without permission. The company quickly cleaned up its act by deleting the data and modified the policy.

The exercise has come to a stage, where it’s become a common practice in the industry. Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram are some of the usual suspects when it comes to collecting such data without consent.

Congressmen Henry Waxman and GK Butterfield have come down hard on Apple and have asked them to tweak the current functionality. They have also raised questions as to why Apple has not taken the privacy of the address data as seriously as its user’s location data. In 2011, the revelation that Apple had an in-built database that could track user location created quite a stir. Apple immediately obliged and made sure such data was removed. Much in the same vein, Apple has said that any application currently collecting user data without permission was in breach of its guidelines. In the next upgrade, it has promised to make sure that users will be asked permission before any data is downloaded.


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