Apple bitten by the bug!

It is true that the Apple’s Operating System is no longer safe from viruses. One of the unique selling points of Apple’s products besides the cult status and cool factor was the operating systems’ resistance to viruses.

The company declares on its site that the Apple hardware is “built on the most advanced operating system in the world” and it emphasizes that its sophistication is partly due to the immunity of the operating system which is exceptionally strong. According to Apple’s marketing strategy which suggests that ‘PC’s shun OJ and shirk on sleep and could stand to wash their hands more often’ and on the other hand Mac gizmos have more immunity to viruses and other malware in comparison to PC’s. At least they were a few years back but not anymore as back in April the flashback botnet struck more than 600,000 Mac computers all over the world and almost 300 of those attacks were targeted at Apple computers based in Cupertino itself. Also more than 300,000 of the Mac machines were in the United States. The hackers were searching for information such as passwords, bank account numbers, and credit card details etc. They took advantage of a glitch in the java programs to get access into the Mac machines.  After the attack Apple has been more subtle in downgrading PC’s. Earlier the company’s site boasted of the blunt message which said, “it doesn’t get PC viruses’ but lately it has been changed to a more generic one saying “it’s built to be safe”. And the company’s slogan “Safeguard you data. By doing nothing” has been replaced by a more humble one which says “Safety. Built in”.



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