Songify on Android

Song and music have been a part of the human ethos forever. Moms and Dads make up songs for their kids, music is all around us. Songify a hugely popular iOS application takes your song making powers a step further by setting your spoken words to music and making a song out of them. This app that has created over 120million songs, and been downloaded 9million times is now available on the Google Android smart phone platform being launched on Google Play.

Smule, the people behind other fantastically popular apps such as Magic Piano and Glee Karaoke, have bought Khush the people behind Songify who have used sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to turn speech into music. They have worked in collaboration with the Gregory Brothers, who are the brains behind songs such as Bed Intruder, Can’t Hug Every Cat, and Double Rainbow which are huge hits on YouTube. Sonify has been lauded by the media with favorable reviews in publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian and The Washington Post. There has been much speculation about its arrival on the Android platform for quite some time.


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