US helps Pakistan to look for avalanche survivors

US helps Pakistan to look for avalanche survivorsThe border of India and Pakistan saw one of the worst avalanches in their history, on Saturday. The avalanche has hit and buried one of Pakistan’s army complexes, 135 soldiers and civilians are trapped under a wall of snow.

A team of US soldiers have flown in to Pakistan from Afghanistan to help look for the survivors. US has sent an eight-man high altitude rescue team. This is expected to have an effect on US-Pakistan relations that is not in the best shape right now.

Since, Osama’s capture and death in Pakistan the relations between the two countries exhibit more than subtle distrust. The US embassy made it very clear that they will extend any support that Pakistan asks for. After this, the US team flew in to Islamabad as a part of Nato-led International Security Assistance Force. An US official said “When an ally asks us for help, we are prepared to help.”


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