New studies casting doubts on barefoot running

Barefoot Running

Barefoot running which is a craze among running enthusiasts and who had long believed that running without shoes or in minimalist footwear makes running easier, speedier and less injurious have to look back at this concept due to new studies casting doubts on barefoot running. A large number of new studies examining how the body actually responds to when a person runs wearing birthday shoes or skimpy footwear suggest that for many people these expectations are not being met.

Findings published last month in The Journal of Applied Physiology looked into whether or not landing near the front of the foot when the concerned runner runs is more physiologically efficient than striking the ground first with the heel. The barefoot style running that involves running shoeless or in minimalist footwear promotes a forefoot landing. Without the heel cushioning provided by the standard running shoes, barefoot proponents say, runners will gravitate naturally towards landing slightly near the balls of the feet. Moreover, they should most proponents add, because landing near the front of the foot requires less oxygen and efforts to allow the runner to push harder at any given speed and ultimately run faster and longer.


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