It’s curtains down for Mr. Rivera. OR is it?

Mariano RiveraNew York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera’s ACL tear while fielding fly balls during practice before the Yankees-Royals game has come has a huge let down to all baseball fans and Yankees fans in particular. Rivera at 42 had indicated that this might be his final season and with a registered record of 608 career saves he is a pleasure to watch on the field.

Joe Girardi speaking on Thursday after the game, which New York lost 3-4, in Kansas City said that what they had previously thought was a strained knee, was diagnosed as an ACL or anterior cruciate ligament tear through an MRI exam.

Loosing such a charismatic and skilled player to injury is always a disappointment, but that has been made doubly sad as this may be Mr. Rivera’s last season. Mr. Rivera has indicated that he will fight this injury and make a comeback saying that he would not like the last image of his on the field to have been one writhing in pain, but an injury like an ACL tear is not easy to mend and requires weeks of post operative rehabilitation.


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