How Do We Stop Human Suffering?

The road to the end in human suffering is going to be a tough one.

Money, power, and respect are supposedly what it is all about.  What about giving, loving, and commending?  If everybody was a real “Christian” or “Muslim” then peace in the third-worlds would already be attained and people would be rejoicing.  What if the Bible and Quran were denounced?  What would take place?  Yes I admit that there are good elements in both books but there also parts in it that give way to an injustice that far outweigh the benefits.  I am a God-fearing person but I have dismissed the importance of scriptural texts because they were written by MAN, not God.  Nobody knows who God really is!  Man made these religious books in order to instill in our children fear, hate and most importantly, ignorance.

For instance, in the Bible it says who ever do not believe that Christ is God will burn in an eternal damnation.  How stupid is that?

Think about all the innocent, good people in faraway lands who never heard the notion of Jesus.  Just because they never had the chance to submit to Christ’s supposed legend does not mean that they will go to Hell (if there is one).  People say Jesus was a compassionate, peaceful man but look at all the bloodshed and pain his legacy has produced over the ages with the Crusades, the burning of witches, and most importantly, the atrocious promotion of slavery.


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