Bill Gates’ Appeal to People across the World to Invest in Farming

Bill Gates in his distinctively quiet style has published a letter about the year ahead and what he feels should be accomplished in 2012. He has called on the world to re-vitalize ‘green revolution’ all over again. Green revolution was a concept introduced to the world by late Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug.

The former CEO of software giant Microsoft, gets to the point right away, when he mentions that 15% of the world population still lives in poverty and a majority of that population is made of farmers living on small farms. He goes on to add that the produce from these small farms is not good enough to feed even their own families. He calls for agricultural innovation which will create new tools and approaches to increase produce and transform the lives of millions of farmers, at the same time he admits his fear of dwindling funding for innovation in agriculture in the current political and economic climate.


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