Decision Awaited on Deadly Bird Flu Virus

The WHO has called for a meeting in Geneva on the 16th and the 17th of February to decide on what to do with the research findings of scientists who have found how to mutate H5N1 bird flu viruses that could lead to a human pandemic.

Common belief of the experts is that, no matter what is decided in the meeting , how much censorship is forced or even if you shut down the research projects, if rouge scientists want to create and release a pandemic, they will.

This meeting is to decide whether the two studies should be published and made available for other scientists. U.S Bio security chiefs want the works to be censored before the scientific journals publish them.

The event will be extremely private and secretive as the matter is delicate. The two studies from Netherlands and the United States say that a small amount of mutation is all that takes to allow H5N1 to spread among mammals like ordinary flu. That would have deadly consequences.


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