Blondie and Devo on a new wave!

Blondie and Devo, the two bands responsible for pioneering new wave music in the 1980’s are reuniting after three decades for a U.S tour. The upcoming tour which vibrates with 1980’s nostalgia is common ground for the two bands which played different styles of new wave music during their heydays.

Blondie, comprising of Deborah Harry, guitarist Chris Stein and drummer Clem Burke was formed by Deborah in 1975. It has come up through ranks of New York City’s punk rock scene in the late 1970’s and broke into mainstream pop with their breakthrough album ‘Parallel Lines’. Devo was formed in 1972 by brothers Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh; it was named so because they believed that the people of Earth were in a stage of ‘de-evolution’. They gained a loyal fan following with their wild costumes and high energy music embodied by their 1980’s hit ‘Whip It’. The name of their brief U.S tour of 13 cities is called ‘Whip It to Shreds’ which starts September 7TH. Devo singer Mark Mothersbaugh told Reuters, “It seemed like a nice, complimentary fit because it takes us back all the way to the very beginning”. Harry the lead singer of Blondie resonates Mothersbaugh’s sentiments saying, “I’ve always really loved their songs and their music and their crazy style, back in the day, it was very fresh and advanced. I think it’s more contemporary today than it was back then”. Harry, 66, has toured annually for 15 years and launched her solo career and says that she loves playing live.


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