As his court martial begins, Manning defers his plea in the Wikileaks case

On Thursday began Bradley Manning’s first day of court martial. He is accused of aiding the enemy by leaking classified documents, among other things. He has about 22 charges filed against him. On Thursday, he deferred a plea to all 22 of them. He also deferred his decision on whether he wants to be tried by a military judge or a panel that would consist of senior officials and enlisted members.

It is said that Manning deferred his decision on both because this gives them more time to work on the case and investigation and also keeps their options open. Due to Manning’s decision, the trial could begin sometime around August. By then, Manning and his men can strategize and see what happens to several of the motions that will be heard before the trial.

Manning is accused of providing Julian Assange with confidential documents about the Iraq and Afghan wars that were published on Wikileaks. He is charged with aiding the enemy, wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the Internet in spite of knowing that it would be accessible to the enemy, theft of public property and records, transmitting defense information and fraud related to computers.


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