High Blood Pressure can damage the brain

A recent research carried on by the University Of California (UC) has found that the high blood pressure among young-middle aged people is leading to accelerated brain damage. Even in those whose blood pressure would not be considered high, to warrant clinical intervention are at the risk of developing brain damage. Even a slight rise in blood pressure can have a disastrous effect on the brain and this damage is not just confined only with older people. The researchers state that their findings lays bare the fact about the need for “early and optimum control of blood pressure”.

The research team analyzed the blood pressure readings and brain scans of almost 579 people taking part in the Framingham Heart Study, a longitudinal investigation that started following the cardiovascular health of the people living in Framingham – Massachusetts over sixty years ago. The participants in this study were mostly in the age group of late thirty’s are when they were joined this part of the study in the year-2009.


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