People From Broken Homes

People from broken homes; wind up as orphans suffering in steeples parading around as two chromosomes: Batman or Jokers.  Either way they are in a pickle, forced to wander in wolf-packs or revert to living as hip-hop hood rats hungry to stay on course of their ambitions, which will have its highs and lows but eventually lead to their shameful cries and vengeful acts against their foes.  Whether these orphans want to love or hate, adore a lord above or meet a hellish fate it isultimatelya decision process that is a wretched division that can’t be seen because of the Illuminati’s smoke screen.

Bill O’Reilly is a perfect example who I used to regard highly, but now shudder watching a spin master at work with eyes of a serpent down under, ACTING as someone who is objective but in reality BACKING a atheist agenda to never surrender to the scriptures and instead get richer off of his on literature; whoa nelly, we can’t foolishly allow this monster to foster elitism and pleasantly dismantle a street fame’s candle feeding a pig’s belly (Barack Obama).  When are we as Christians going to provide assistance that can prevent our ill castaways from ever letting out a yelp again whining that they have been forsaken when in reality the rich just haven’t been awaken by the Holy Ghost.  These fat cats boast and sit back smiling as the homeless youth drown in a violent, bloody battlefield and to make matters worse we the audience are crowning journalist’sachievements and turning a blind eye on those bereft angels who want to die; what a bereavement for the ghettos across the world!


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