The race to the White House just got hotter

The pace of the race to the White House seemed to pick up in the last few days. Romney and Obama’s campaigners are no longer playing nice. It’s all secret trips and pointing fingers now. On Thursday, Obama’s chief strategist decided to take on Romney’s home turf. In Boston, he blasted Romney’s record as the governor of Massachusetts.

Romney is not one to take that quietly. In just a few hours time, he took a secret little trip to California to bring a little glitch of the Obama’s administration in to light. He went to Solyndra, the solar panel company that went bankrupt under Obama’s administration.

Axelrod’s speech in Boston did not go as well as he might have hoped. Romney’s supporters chanted along and interrupted the appearance. Romney, learning from the experience kept his little trip a secret from his own campaign reporters too.

While Axelrod discussed how Romney’s four years as governor hurt the middle class more than anybody, Romney went all out and said Obama has failed to understand how the free-market economy works. Romney dint spare Obama’s leadership either when he said his competitor has poor economic leadership. Romney claims that the experience he has had running a real life business makes him more qualified to run the country’s economy.

Mitt Romney’s campaign looses steam

Mitt Romney’s second campaign for the GOP nomination seems to be running out of steam with a candidate who seems to be losing his touch. Just two weeks after winning the Florida primary and enthusiastically regaling us with ‘America the Beautiful’ Mr. Romney seems to have lost a lot of his pep and is mired in one unfortunate public appearance after another. It is still just the beginning of a long primary season and Mr. Romney’s campaign seems to be floundering with a candidate who comes across as less then confidant.

The general consensus among political pundits is that Mr. Romney needs to win Arizona and Michigan on Feb 28th to bring back his flagging self confidence. He is comfortably ahead in Arizona but struggling in Michigan.

Mitt Romney’s Campaign Hits Speed Bumps on the Road to the Nomination

Mitt RomneyIt is not all smooth sailing and clear winds in the race for the Republican presidential nomination for Mr. Mitt Romney. After decisive victories in Florida and Nevada it appeared that Mr. Romney had all but won the nomination. But the shocking wins for Mr. Rick Santorum in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri mean that Mr. Romney has a ways to go before he can being to prepare to take on the incumbent Democratic President Barak Obama.

Mr. Romney is still the front runner and has tried to play down these disappointing results by saying that his campaign did not devote a lot of effort, time or money to the three states’ nomination contests, choosing to reserve their might for other more important states’ nomination processes.  At an airport conference Mr. Romney reiterated that he felt he was still poised to win the Republican nomination, but that there was a tough fight ahead against the newly resurgent Rick Santorum. Mr. Romney said that the fight for the nomination was a long drawn out affair that tested the mettle of the candidates to choose the best person to run for the much more challenging Presidential election. He reminded people at the conference that Senator McCain had also lost a few states after winning Florida but was able to win the nomination as he secured the required number of delegates.

Obama Backtracks on Super PACs

Obama in a surprise decision has decided to support Super PAC’s (Political Action Committees) going from his original stand of being their biggest critic. PAC is a proxy organization that backs political campaigns, but do not directly get involved in the campaign. They are allowed to raise unlimited amounts of money and are often headed by highly influential people with deep pockets.

The decision comes in the wake of Democrats being unable to match the financial clout of the Republican campaign, which has seen them raise tens and millions of dollars. Obama urged supporters and wealthy fundraisers to back Priorities USA, a super PAC run by former Obama loyalists to match the Republican campaign. It is also rumored that a Hollywood big shot; one of the biggest contributors to the Democratic Party, is said to be backing the group.

Mitt Romney’s Campaign Is Being Tested

The recent South Carolina GOP debate proved to be a very heated one.  Insults were being hurled, accusations were made and presumptions were kept.  The bitter rivalries created by the “Super Pacs”(independent organizations that support candidates by creating negative adds against the completion) were clearly evident and in full swing.   The frontrunner Mitt Romney had a funny one-line zinger aimed at Newt Gingrich, whose Super Pac has created a mini film bashing Mitt Romney’s “private sector” credentials and venture capital endeavors.   Rick Perry came to play and stepped up his game toteam up with the others andunleash on Mitt Romney.


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