Cannes first crush

Cannes film festival is an annual event which is organized to recognize talents of directors and actors who compete through their films on this mega event. It is usually meant to promote the entertainment industry and production of films which afterwards meet their fate in this event. It acts as a Launchpad for upcoming directors and actors who dream of making it big in this line. The applause they earn in this event will prove to be very beneficial because they have to satisfy the group of critics who attend this festival with their eyes searching for new upcoming talent and exceptional portrayal of the acting and directing endowment.

It’s just the start of the Cannes film festival 2012 and it seems the critics have already found an exceptional talented and physically imposing person who might have the capability to compete in the Hollywood industry. Just as they had selected Jean Dujardin,the French actor last year, Matthias Schoenaerts, might also meet the same fate of becoming globally renowned for his talent. Although he is not a newcomer in the entertainment industry and has a couple of films and awards in his bag, he is quite new to the eyes of the critics who come to Cannes. The role played by him in the movie ‘Rust and Bones’ has already captivated a lot of hearts globally after he got critically acclaimed for it in this year’s Cannes film festival. The film ‘Rust and Bones’ has Schonaerts playing axial role of a bad-tempered man who is in search of his luck and eventually lands in an opportunity of fighting for money. In this film he has been cast alongside the Oscar winner Marion Cotillard who plays the role of Stephanie, a physically disabled woman who works as a marine land employee. The film was a success and a great new talent was recognized by the critics. The director was totally ecstatic about the film and was heard saying that the modern technology provided him great help in portraying Stephanie’s severed limbs and he confessed that this type of cinematography wouldn’t have been possible 10 years ago.


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