Tasty chicken fast food with dip in features like chips

The latest craze that is doing rounds in the fast food world is the bite-sized fried chicken. Popeyes is experimenting with new finger foods that can be dipped while driving the car. Americans love consuming fried chicken or driving their cars and fast food chains are going in full gear to make sure that their customers can enjoy both these options simultaneously. The fast food industry is raking moolah by converting the classic fast food favorites into chips and dips.

It is estimated that nearly seventeen percent of all the meals ordered at restaurants are being consumed in cars. McDonalds officials confirm that the drive through order make up about seventy percent of its sales. Meanwhile, snacking in between lunch and dinner is becoming more common with ice creams or chips that are being eaten quiet frequently. However, people are now more interested in substantial foods like a small sandwich.

In 2011, Popeyes began selling the Dip’n Chick’n – a chicken-dip combo that became the company’s best selling limited time menu in the company’s history at that time. The Dip’n Chick’n comprises of thin pieces of chicken that curl at the edges when soused just like a potato chip. The success of this menu item encouraged Popeyes to launch another innovative food item which is known as Rip’n Chick’n – a fried chicken breast that is sliced in such a way that its pieces are quiet easy to tear off. This item also received enormous response due to which the company had to find poultry suppliers that could adjust their cutting equipment to make the shape.


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