Christmas in Miami! A Way to Shake the Winter Blues

Everybody knows that this time of year brings Christmas cheer. It is time for cocoa, snow ball fights, and warm sweaters right? Well, the reality is that not everyone basks in the glory of cold weather scenarios. For those people winter means flu, deicing your car every morning, and cold noses. So, below are some tips to make their holiday season merrier!

Trade Snow for Sand

Snow can be fun, but only when you are able to sit around and really enjoy it. It is not so fun if you have to suffer daily travel through it and fight Jack Frost against your will. Try travelling down south to Miami or similar warm regions and fight the sand crabs instead. As an added benefit, a family vacation will give you an excuse to avoid those unwanted family get-togethers. Besides, it may be just what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate your spirit and get your mind work
ready before your return.

5 Christmas Gifts Only A Nerd Could Want

With a little bit of pop culture, a couple of nifty gadgets and just a little creativity, it’s easy to get great gifts for the nerd in your life this holiday season. Check out this handy gift guide for five quick ideas to get you started.

Stay Puft Gourmet Caffeinated Marshmallows

Inspired by the fluffy, lovable, city-destroying marshmallow man in the nerd cult classic Ghostbusters, these gourmet marshmallows include an added kick of caffeine for those grueling online gaming sessions or Star Trek backlog marathons. At last, you too can feast on the famous sugary treat that nearly destroyed New York in 1984.

A very Merry Christmas from PeopleView Team

The traditional greeting this time of year wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. It’s a wonderful thought that conjures up images of much fun and laughter with one’s family. But I wondered if that was the original intent behind this greeting. On doing my research I realized that Christmas is actually a translation of the Old English ‘Cristes Maesse’ meaning the mass of Christ, in those times merry meant peaceful or blessed thus it was a wish for a blessed or peaceful mass of Christ.


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