Google promises an updated experience with their Chrome OS computers

Google recently released a set of laptops and PCs that run on Google Chrome Operating system. These systems are chrome based and run their applications through Chrome and store their data online. Google came out and told the World that this is the next big step in computing and this is the future. But there was criticism that these models were underpowered.

Google has announced that the software updates has made the computers much faster. They now run about three times faster.  The updates will also enhance the Graphic Processing Units (GPU) and JavaScript. What makes these computers more desirable is that Google is coming up with a Google Drive cloud storage device. This will not only make maintaining documents easier but will also enable the users to manage their documents even when they are not online. When the internet connection is back on, the files will automatically get synchronized. This could be in response to the criticism regarding the limited use of these computers when the users were not online.

Google says – the strong points of these computers are that these computers need virtually no administration as the user files are all stored in the cloud, Google takes care of the system updates and there is built-in protection against virus.


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