Is Coffee Good or Bad?

Anything that is done in excess like eating, drinking (intoxicating substances), sitting or any other usual human activity that we may do in our day to day life might lead to detrimental effects on our health. A few years ago, we used to hear about the ill-effects of coffee that it adversely affects out heart and might lead to various other detrimental effects on our health and harm our overall well-being, if consumed in excess. It was also believed that too much consumption of coffee also resulted in the patient having aggravated nerves and also develops ulcers.

But according to the latest studies conducted by scientists, the merits of drinking coffee are being taken into consideration. Although the excessive consumption of coffee still remains a hazard and should be avoided, many good effects of coffee have been unveiled. There are some merits of drinking coffee but not to the extent that doctors may encourage their patients to go out and consume excess amounts of coffee. They doctors still advice people to consume coffee in moderation and caution them from excessive consumption. The studies conducted are trying to change the people’s perspective about coffee, based on facts and truths about caffeine and its consumption. It was noticed over a period of 20 years in a group of people that consuming 6 cups of coffee (which contains 100mg caffeine per 8oz cup) did not result in any medical problem like cancer or any other cardiovascular diseases.

Do not hurt your pregnancy chances by drinking too much of Coffee

Recent Danish research carried on by the team of Dr. Ulrik Schioler Kesmodel from the Fertility Clinic of Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark revealed a startling fact that women who drank five or more cups of coffee a day reduce their chances of success from In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. Results showed that the consumption of five or more cups of coffee a day reduced the clinical pregnancy rate by fifty percent and live birth rate by forty percent.

However, drinking between two to five cups of coffee a day did not affect the women’s chances of pregnancy with IVF. The study also found that drinking large amounts of coffee tantamount to smoking in harming the IVF rate of success. The link between fertility and caffeine has been studied in the past with conflicting results. Some studies held the view that increased incidence of coffee drinking results in spontaneous abortion while the other studies found insufficient evidence to confirm or deny the effect of “caffeine avoidance” on the outcome of pregnancy.

There is however one cited study that was carried on in the year-2004 that showed that time- to- pregnancy was remarkably got extended in women when tea or coffee intake was more than six cups per day or when the male partner consumed more than two hundred alcohol units per week. Coming to this latest Danish research that was carried on in a large public IVF Clinic, the results were based on a prospective follow up of 3959 women having IVF or ICSI as a fertility treatment method.

Two cups of coffee may keep you away from cardiologist

A recent research study carried on by the researchers at the Beth Israel Deaconess (BIDMC) and the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston revealed that drinking coffee in moderation which is equivalent to four European Cups (equal to two – 8 ounce American servings) per day may protect slightly against heart failure or lower the risk of developing heart failure when compared with those who do not consume any coffee.  This study contradicts the guidelines of the American Heart Association or AHA that currently warns against coffee consumption.

Till date, heart failure is considered to be having the worst survival rate than many cancers with up to 40 percent of those affected (by heart failure) dying within a year of diagnosis. This research suggests that regularly drinking moderate amounts of coffee can cut the risk of cardiac troubles even though excess consumption (Up to five cups) of coffee could be counter productive. The principle of moderation must be followed in the coffee consumption as suggested by this study.

The researchers are not sure why coffee seems to reduce the impact of heart failure but they are of the opinion that the coffee consumption reduces the likelihood of high blood pressure and of diabetes both of which are one of the main causes of heart failure. The lead author of this research study – Elizabeth Mostofsky – a post doctoral fellow in the cardiovascular epidemiological unit at BIDMC in her press statement said that their results showed a possible benefit but like with other things one consumes it really depends upon how much coffee an individual really drinks.

Coffee Guzzlers gets a probable chance of living longer lives

Coffee Guzzlers gets a probable chance of living longer livesA recent study by experts reveals that men and women who drank up to six cups of coffee per day may have the chances of living longer when compared with their counterparts who do not consume coffee. The study that was conducted over a period of thirteen years opined that the death rates decreased as with the increase in the number of cups.

This study was the largest one of its kind based on the coffee drinking habits of more than 400,000 men and women between the ages of 50-71. The final report was published online in the New England Journal of Medicine.          

Mr. Neal Freedman from the National Institute of Health who was the lead author of this study has observed that the effect on mortality was seen in both men and women with different body weights who were either non-smokers or quit smoking. These studies were in direct contrast to what was observed previously when drinking of coffee was deemed to be detrimental to health.


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