Syria marks anniversary of violence but the real on-ground situation is still unclear

Conflicts are usually played out in two very different places The one that is played on the ground bears its realities on the victims killed on either side while the one that is played out in the media can be even more dangerous on account of the manipulative force it exerts on not just the victims of war but also the ambiguity it casts on the entire situation making the line between the just and unjust simply blur into oblivion. A recent series of video shown by a non-western news channel has clearly indicated that rampant manipulation of news coming out from Syria is a fact and this has increased the anxiety of those who actually are in requirement of an end to this year long conflict, the Syrian citizens.

While mentions of masked men creating havoc in the conflicted city of Homs in Syria have found a mention in the non-western media, American or British news channels are trying to paint a picture that reshapes the actual reality on the ground and making a foreseeable end to the conflict in the form regime change. It is a well-known fact that regime change strategy is a favorite of the CIA for unfavorable governments and only goes to show why there is difference in opinion when Syrian case is contrasted against the Bahraini case. While the situation Bahrain may be ignored and Syrian made a cause of American worry, this cannot be far from the truth as independent reports of masked miscreants have been reported in Syria’s riot-ridden regions and are largely being linked with Sunni Saudi influences, a very loyal American ally in the region, as a covert effort to destabilize the growing Shi’ite stronghold in the Middle East which includes Syria, Lebanon and Iran providing enough support as deemed fit by American and Israeli allies of the Kingdom in order to achieve their means of a regime change in favor of one that is subservient to American interests.


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