George Washington’s personal copy of the constitution goes up for auction

President George Washington’s personal copies of the Constitution along with the Bills of Rights are expected to be auctioned next week in New York. These 223 years old documents are bound in a book that contains notes in the handwriting of George Washington that includes, the notations on the responsibilities of the president, on the power to write treaties and on controlling the Army and the Navy. This invaluable masterpiece is expected to fetch about $3 million. The book was part of the president’s personal library held at Mount Vernon till 1876 when it was sold at an auction and changed several notable owners.

This presidential artifact was first printed and bounded for the first American President in the year-1789. The penciled notes of the president are still visible in the margins of the text. President Washington’s signature is duly embedded on the cover page. Christie’s auction house has made arrangements to offer the documents to bidders on June.22nd in New York. The head of the Christie’s books and manuscripts department – Mr. Thomas Lecky, described the book as one of the greatest things to have passed through this auction house in his time.

The presidential volume includes an engraved bookplate with the Washington family crest emblazoned with marbleized inside cover. One of the masterpieces of American history, these documents were part of the estate of H. Richard Dietrich, Jr. an art collector and businessman from Chester Springs, Pennsylvania – who died in 2007. The President’s Constitution has changed hands in a few times during its 223 years of tenure even though the historians were unable to count on or track all of its owners.

Who Wrote the US Constitution? SLAVE OWNERS???????????

In the world of politics now things couldn’t be any more Machiavellian.  There exists lobbyists, conspiracies, and under the rug secrets and American citizens are forced to pick sides and start plotting on the other side.  Is this the country that our forefathers wanted?  Well, they were slave owners so what did they know anyway!  I know I might sound a little brash but this is the truth.  There are so many dark components to the systems set in place in our society.  The common man is being knocked out of the box and the rich are getting richer.  I concur with the fortuitous principles of capitalism but it is too monopolized by corporate big shots that are not properly sticking to guide lines that we should all adhere to.  Barack Obama, the world’s first multiracial president is a man of principal even though he has been hit by scandals brought about by his ambition to fight global warming.  Nonetheless, he still has my support.  I believe in a family man that puts his character out on front street and lives by an ideology that we could all take from and become a wiser person.  There seems to be a fine line between Republicans and Democrats that is diminishing.  Both parties are flawed, and it’s always going to be like that because hey, that’s just what America is:


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