Olympics go on with or without Hunt!

Jeremy HuntJeremy Hunt who runs the Department of Media, Olympics, Culture and Sport, also known slyly as the Ministry of Fun, has landed in a political scandal on whether he boosted Rupert Murdoch’s efforts to take over the broadcaster BskyB. The allegations surfaced this week after an enquiry into Britain’s scandal-obsessed press.

Ellis Cashmore, a professor of culture, media and sport at Staffordshire University said, “If he goes, there will be as much impact as dropping the sponge in the shower”. Hunt’s political aid and advisor resigned on Wednesday saying that he was responsible for the perception that Murdoch’s News Corp. had “too close a relationship” with Hunt’s department. He further added that he acted without Hunt’s authorization although it’s still not clear how an advisor could have acted so independently. However, if his resignation is enough or the scandal will lead to the conservative minister losing his job is yet to be seen. In any case observers say it’s going to have little impact on the Olympics, the reason for this being that most of the work related to the Olympics is being handled by the London Organizing Committee run by Sebastian Coe and Paul Deighton. Till now Hunt was protected by Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson, a former military officer, who faced the reporters to explain why taxpayers would have to pay millions of pounds more than planned to cover unexpected security costs. With all the preparations for the games done and dusted, the only big task that remained was security measures which anyway were never Hunt’s responsibility. Hunt, a man of immense ambition, absorbed the Olympics into his department so that when the games are over his department takes on the Olympics legacy. This could become touchy if the games exceed their 9.3 billion pound budget, on the other hand it could be a good thing if the games bring money into Britain. Officials want to use the Olympics as an opportunity to showcase their country and to attract business. This has become more critical due to the country slipping in to double-dip recession on Wednesday and the need for an economic bounce-back is extremely important.


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