Danny Jacobs emerges victorious through his one-two punch KO’s

Danny Jacob emerged victorious with his impressive comeback from cancer by knocking out Giovanni Lorenzo with a powerful combination in the third round of their 10-round middleweight fight Monday night at the Best Buy Theater in New York. Jacobs (26-1, 23 KO’s) nicknamed “The Golden Child” won his sixth consecutive fight ever since his shocking knockout loss to Dimtry Pirog three years ago. It has been two years since he had a cancerous tumor on his spine removed and underwent radiation treatment. This was his fourth straight win since his battle with cancer.

Danny Jacob, the middleweight boxer from Brownsville overcame his cancer, learned to walk again, learning to fight again and is confronting the question of whether he is still an excellent boxer. The 26-year old- Danny Jacobs, after two close rounds hurt Lorenzo (36-6, 24 KO’s) the former world title challenger of Manhattan with an overhead right hand in the third and finished him with flurry of punches that dropped Lorenzo to the canvas. Referee Steve Willis counted out Lorenzo at 2:05 of the third round. Due to this win, Jacob improved his overall record to 26-1 with his 23rd knockout. He is expected to be mentioned among the top contenders in the middleweight divisions.

Both Jacob and Lorenzo were feeling each other out in the first two rounds, but when Jacob, who had a cut under his left eye, pressed the action in the third finished Lorenzo with a left hook and then a right hand. Jacobs worked his jab well through the first two rounds then opened it up in the third. Lorenzo by far represents the toughest fighter that Jacobs had faced since being diagnosed with an aggressive form of spinal cancer called osteosarcoma in 2011 that caused paralysis in his legs and forced him to take 19 months hiatus from the sport. Doctors advised him to never fight again.


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