DataBar only Coupons to Flood the Market

For a long time now, the retail market has been longing for standardization of coupons and the way they are read and processed. They have often come in different formats with varying style of bar codes, each type carrying information in a unique way. The lack of a industry standard has been tough on consumers and retailers. Extra time for coupon processing during checkouts, wide spread fraud and if something went wrong; customer service professionals of retailers often had days to forget. To put an end to this farce comes the widespread adoption of coupons bearing the GS1 DataBar, which will be implemented nation-wide.

A recent Sunday freestanding insert from SmartSource contained a “marked uptick” in the number of manufacturer coupons bearing the GS1 DataBar as the sole bar code, noted Alan Williams, vice president of application development for Ahold USA, Landover, Md.

The large scale implementation has been couple of years in the making after facing many roadblocks. Finally, the DataBar, an information-rich bar code will flood the market to provide relief to retailers and customers. A single format approach will iron out issues in coupon processing leading to efficient checkouts in retails stores and a serious clamp down on coupon fraud.


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