The Dating Game

The idea of going on a date excites people and provides that all-important rush of emotion.   We all search for love but the quest for it can be very complicated.  James Matador is ready to start a revolution in this area and help men that yearn for “Amor” find what they have always been looking for.  There is so much clutter that exists in someone brain when they meet someone that they are attracted to.  We all have those thoughts like, “what do I say?” “Am I doing the right things?” etc.  A dating coach like Matador helps people by enlightening them with the art of seduction.   His aid eliminates for single men the grueling process of worrying about getting rejected and “shot down.”  It is a cold world where women have tricks up their sleeves and are always on the look out for “players,” so Matador has invented a way to play the dating gamecorrectly.

There are so many ways a man can approach a woman and it is imperative that he uses the right techniques that lures her in a very unique fashion.  It is like Ping-Pong, the conversation that ensues when a man and women that are attracted to one another first meet.  The back and forthdialogue should entail wit and humor, illuminating the man’s charisma.  She should be interested and compelled to let her guard down, allowing the man to entertain her to the point where she starts flashing that beautiful smile.  It is a tricky process but if you follow Matador’s dating tips, which is an exact science then you will find someone that suits you and appreciates your candor.


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