Cancer survivor creates patient gift registry website

The story of Diem Brown is one that could leave you with a lump in your throat, but will be a source of inspiration. Five years ago, little known Diem Brown was cast in MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge reality series. Within a month, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The news shook her and made her take stock of her life. She was only 22 at that time and barely knew how to cope with the illness and get treated.

She made a brave decision of not telling the producers about her illness to continue her participation in the show. “I decided I wanted to do everything on my life list, and what better way than going on a challenge show and getting to jump off buildings, swim with sharks and do all these crazy things,” she said

She felt it could help take her mind off the illness and also help her cope with the heavy treatment including chemotherapy. Her plans went awry, when the news of her illness was leaked and became public through the show. However, what the episode in her life did do was bring her success and fame. Her success was great to the extent that she was cast as a recurring member in the show; she was also part of MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Exes in 2011.


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